The Story Behind the Name

when you see the SIMS name, we want you to know this is more than a brand. It is our family name. Not just our family family but the generation of Sims' that had a lumber company and sawmill that provided jobs and homes for minorities that had no place to go int he early 1900's. Using mules when the company first began. The Brooker family, birth name of Whitney, known for the Hardware store ran for decades, going back to the 1800's, in small rural South Georgia tiny town of 2k. and people you can trust with the things you need most. from being a human being needing resources to have a better life, to being a small business owner in search of anything to help you and/or your business


small biz friends was created to help small business owners or those inspiring to become one - grow with whit, once sims southern customs wholesale, now is the meeting place of all things "WHIT" - no matter if you a business owner, a passerby or just someone who wants to know more, you will find all these things here and more. Do not be afraid to fail. If you do, it is only because what is meant for you is not where you have placed yourself. Failure is a term placed on us to conform to society's belief in success. THERE IS NO FAILING, WE BECOME HUMBLED, WE LEARN AND WE GET UP AGAIN. Why stop now?