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Whitney Sims

Product Care & Thank You Graphics

Product Care & Thank You Graphics

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(Package Inserts) Care Instructions & Thank You Card Graphics made to match your brand. Care Instructions are an important thing to give when sending out products. Think of it as an insurance policy. Thank You cards are a thoughtful touch to make customers feel special. 

  • You choose: theme, wordings and specifics. 
    Ex: Groovy, Minimalist, Bold, Trendy, Holiday, Boutique…. 
  • Graphics come in optional packages 
  • Graphics are made to match your brand 
  • Logos and color schemes 
  • Formatted and sent via email as a PNG, 
  • 3 Free Revisions
  • 2 Week Turnaround-time from order date (unless specified otherwise)  

Never duplicated, all my designs are made specifically for each person and their brand. Never replicated for others Pricing is based on the amount of time it takes to make each graphic from scratch, making sure yours is original and not being used by anyone else. Graphic Design, especially custom designs are art, just as you were in an art gallery. Our time, skills and hyper-focus abilities is what makes each graphic special, it is made for you. Unique and made based around you and your brand. 

After ordering, you’ll be emailed directions and helpful tips. Feel free to email for help, questions or any other inquiries as I am always happy to help.

**different formats and sizing available upon request, all files will come in a ‘zip file’ as PNG with two versions: transparent backgrounds and regular formatting**

“Brand consistency is one of the most important things you can do to help your brand become recognizable, remembered and known. Keeping everything cohesive is key. I customize graphics to help match your brand while making them unique and never replicated. Every customer will have their own style when I create graphics. I believe in creating an experience for customers. Show them your professionalism while catching their eye. Making things easier when it comes to customers browsing, can help convert browsing into sales.”


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    Following the Federal Trade Commisions Guidelines for E-Commerce we state that everyting will be completed and/or shipped within 30 days. I do not give an exact time being you and I will work together to create a timeline that fits your needs first and my schedule. No unrealistic expectations here! Only customer convience and care beyond the normal.